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Following on from the successes in 2015, 2016 was another record year for the UK new car market. Registrations hit yet another high, exceeding the expectations of many and maintained steady growth throughout the year. In step with this trend Automotive Engineering continues its growth as the UK’s dedicated event for manufacturers and the automotive industry supply chain, covering all areas of the industry, from R & D, through design, test, and production.

Please note, as with all live events, the conference programme is subject to change.



Grabbing the Bull by the Parts!

Adrian Botham, Director, Servispart Consulting


Materials information management for automotive product design and development

Introducing a new material into the automotive supply chain demands full understanding of the performance envelope for mechanical and physical properties. Data are required well beyond those found in specifications or material producers’ information packs. This is challenging for structural materials, especially for crash safety, where we must understand the material and develop new models to accurately describe its behaviour.

This presentation shares experience from materials information specialist Granta Design in working with Automotive OEMs to manage the full materials data lifecycle, from test to simulation. This includes generating a consistent set of material definitions for CAD, CAE, and PLM.

Andy Reilly, EMEA Sales Director, Granta Design


Phase-change in Air - A New Source of Zero Carbon Energy For A New Generation Of All-purpose Engines

Tony Dye, MD, Epicam


Roticulation - A new mechanical paradigm enables new possibilities

Jon Fenton, MD, Fetu


Why waste heat when you can store it? The Possibilities for Heat Storage in Automotive Applications

Bob Austin, Manager - Global Automotive Business, Sunamp


Subject to be confirmed



Future Mobility

Ian Simmons, VP Business Development, Corporate Engineering and R & D, Magna International


KEYNOTE: DIT strategy & overview

Department for International Trade


KEYNOTE: The scale-up challenge for innovative engineering companies

Dr Uday Phadke, Chief Executive, CARTEZIA


Warranty 3 years, life 10 years, production is in 1 year; how do you test?

Probably the most important attribute of any product, such as a car, is its durability. Obviously a products performance is essential, such as acceleration, handling, carrying capacity, comfort or fuel efficiency, but this is only a small part of the equation. Ask yourself if you would buy your next car if it only lasted a short time and you couldn’t sell it on to a second owner.

This gives an interesting dilemma to the test engineer. The design or marketing requirement is to have a long life, warranties now exceed 3 years, user life in excess of 10 years. But there is a huge pressure from companies to reduce the design and development period, often now less than a year.

How then do we prove a product to be durable? Can we accelerate any testing inside the one year development cycle, but still include all the correct inputs from a 10 year life? More importantly to also prove all of the production will be durable?

This presentation will outline a little of the history of accelerated durability testing, and some of the modern processes being used for the accurate acceleration of the development and testing of new products.

David Ensor, Engineering Integrity Society


Working with the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

Dr Andy Sellars, Chief Business Development Officer, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult


Using Wide Bandgap Transistors in Real World Converters – Opportunities and Challenges

Dr Iain Mosely, Managing Director, Converter Technology Ltd


3C-Silicon Carbide Power Devices

Dr Jill Shaw, CEO, Anvil Semiconductors Ltd


RFID tags and sensors for connected intelligent tyre

Silent sensors (SMMT)


Subject and title to follow

Niche Vehicle Network



Kieron Salter, KW Special Projects


Global Advances

Richard Collins, IDTechex



Future proof your business - from risk to resilience

In the current turbulent climate, business need to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental changes and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper. At BSI we have looked at the role standards can play in organisations in order to help them prepare for future changes. We would like to share our model that based on a series of questions to determine the organizations needs and requirements and areas for improvement.

Robert Brown, Global Automotive Product Champion at BSI


Graphene enhanced composites for automotive applications

Dr Tom Taylor, Director of Future Business, CPI


High Quality 2D materials for Automotive Applications

Dimitris Presvytis, Advanced Materials Research Leader, Thomas Swan


New Graphene-Based Pressure Sensor Technology for Automotive Applications

Dr Christian Bergerm, CTO, Atomic Mechanics Ltd


Exploitation of Graphene Enhanced CFRP materials in high performance automotive

Mr Neill Briggs, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Ltd


City car carbon fibre crash structures - designing and testing an ultra-light electric city car to meet the crash test

Far Composites


The need for consistent testing: connecting industry and standardisation with reality!

When testing materials and structures, it is essential to be sure that we are testing what we think we are. Of nearly equal importance is the ability to compare results with others, be they collaborators, suppliers, or competitors. For these reasons, both formal and informal standards in testing have an enormous effect on our work as engineers and scientists. In this talk we will discuss some origins of standardisation, the challenges of creating comparable data, and some examples of how experimental effects can create unexpected pitfalls in mechanical testing.
Peter Bailey, Engineering Integrity Society


Composites Solutions For Automotive Application

Jimmy Hori, Toho Tenax


Design of a lightweight composite suspension system

Ben Polley, GRM Consulting

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