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Following on from the successes in 2015, 2016 was another record year for the UK new car market. Registrations hit yet another high, exceeding the expectations of many and maintained steady growth throughout the year. In step with this trend Automotive Engineering continues its growth as the UK’s dedicated event for manufacturers and the automotive industry supply chain, covering all areas of the industry, from R & D, through design, test, and production.  

Planned topics for 2017:

  • Composite materials in Automotive: Including Affordability, and use of Thermoplastics
  • Hybrid Powertrains and Vehicle Dynamics
  • Motorsport to Automotive Technology Crossovers, and Case Studies
  • OEM and Supply Chain Case Studies, and Growth Requirements
  • Vehicle R & D, Design, Test and Evaluation
  • Advanced Simulation Methods
  • Supply Chain & Manufacture of Electric Powertrains
  • Connected Mobility, and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Affordable Composites for Volume Automotive Applications
  • Innovation in Production Line and Automation
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