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Supported by ADS, NATEP, and all regional associations, Aero Engineering additionally brings some of the latest innovations and case studies to the show floor in the on the show floor conference programme.

Please note, as with all live events, the conference programme is subject to change.



Composites for Aerospace Forum, Chair - Sue Halliwell, Composites UK

Composites Technology Roadmaps Industrial Consultation

Mark Summers, Aerospace Technology Institute


Challenges and Opportuities for Composites in Aerospace

Marcello Grassi, Leading Edge Strategy Consultancy


The Science of Control: Wetblasting Redefined

David Masters, Business Development Engineer, Vapormatt


Overmoulding of Advanced Thermoplastic Composites - an Integrated Design Approach

Sebastiaan Wijskamp, Senior Research Associate, ThermoPlastic Composites Research Centre - TPRC


Export for Success: Supporting UK Aerospace Companies to diversify their customer base in Export Markets

  • The Export for Success Initiative
  • Activity to date:
    Boeing Supplier Conference, Boeing Technology Symposium, Indonesian R80 letter of Capability
  • High value Opportunity Markets: US, France, China, Indonesia

Harriet Wollerton, Aerospace Operations & Business Development Manager, ADS


Innovation and Technology Effectiveness in the Supply Chain

Denzil J. Lawrence, UK Supplier Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes



Jeff Taylor, NATEP Programme Director


KEYNOTE: Bottom-up Innovation for Aerospace Suppliers

Top-down or centralised models of technology innovation are received wisdom in industries structured into complex supply chains. 

  • Myriad new technologies and innovations are bottled up in the lower reaches of supply chains with opportunities to incorporate them into new products few and far between.
  • More intelligent and productive models for new technology open up the potential of bottom-up innovation.

Andrew Mair, CEO, Midlands Aerospace Alliance


KEYNOTE: Wing of Tomorrow



KEYNOTE: Digital Manufacturing

Sameer Savani, Technology Advisor, ADS


Want the Best?  Look to the South West!

The South West UK enjoys one of the strongest economies in Europe and is home to globally recognised clusters in Aerospace & Advanced Engineering, High Tech, Nuclear, Creative & Digital, Low Carbon Technologies, Agri-Tech, Food & Drink, and Financial & Professional Business Services.

  • With an exceptional talent pool fed by four of the UK’s top universities, a pioneering network of outstanding companies across all sectors, and a unique collaborative culture between industry and all the Local Enterprise Partnerships, the South West offers an unrivalled location and level of support for businesses and people to thrive, no matter what the challenges of the future bring!
  • This presentation focuses on Aerospace & Advanced Engineering and will give an insight into some of the unique opportunities for investment and growth, and activities being undertaken across the region to remain the UK and Europe’s #1 aerospace cluster.

Simon Young, Chief Executive, West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF)


Delivering Improved Productivity and Competetiveness through Business Transformation

Sharing in Growth (SiG) is proving effective in transforming the performance of UK aerospace engineering suppliers.

  • Since SiG’s inception in 2013, companies have attributed contracts worth more than £2billion to SiG’s intervention.
  • CEO Andy Page will explain how continuous improvement is sustained through a fully integrated approach focused on leadership, strategy, culture, skills and operational excellence.

Andy Page, CEO, Sharing in Growth UK Ltd


Enabling the Future of Drone Technology

Robert Garbett, Founder and Chief Executive, Drone Major Group


Curated and presented by Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group - the KTN can help you

The aim of the Energy Harvesting SIG at the KTN is to create a UK community where challenge owners and solution providers can meet to uncover the potential of self powered devices to meet needs such as sensing and telemetry.

Simon Yarwood, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Knowledge Transfer Network


Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensor Systems for Aerospace applications

Energy harvesting technology is to capture localised sources of ambient energy (such as vibration, motion and airflow) to power small electric and electronic devices. It promises self-powered systems capable of operating for years without any need for batteries or mains connection, working in a truly energy autonomous manner.

The Energy Harvesting Research Group at the University of Exeter, led by Prof. Meiling Zhu, has developed a high performance “proof-of-concept” airflow energy harvesting powered wireless sensor node demonstrator and tested it in a wind tunnel through an Innovation UK project.  The demonstrator is specifically designed to install inside of a wing and harvest airflow energy generated by the aircraft during flight in the sky. We have developed a completed system, including a micro-turbine (Φ15 mm), an effective power management and wireless sensor nodes and it is in TRL 6.

The group has also developed another high performance “proof-of-concept” strain energy harvesting powered wireless sensor node demonstrator and tested it in emulated aircraft loading conditions in the Lab with an EPSRC funding, which is specifically designed to harvest aircraft wing strain energy generated by the aircraft vibration during take-off, cruising and landing and it is in TRL 4 with.

Prof. Meiling Zhu will present these two technology demonstrators with associated technology breakthroughs that her group has developed in novel energy harvesting methods, energy efficient and adaptive power management and energy-aware wireless sensing. The advantage of systems using sensors incorporating energy harvesting and wireless technology in aerospace industry is that they can reduce the weight of wires and fixtures inside aircraft wings, increase the flight speed and reduce the fuel consumption and thus reduce the carbon emission.

Professor Meiling Zhu, Head of Department - Energy Harvesting Team, Exeter University


Piezoelectric Switches in Aerospace

Next generation engines require more sensing and control on the core which, requires sensors which must work far hotter than ever before. 

  • Ionix have developed a solution for absolute position sensing using piezoelectric technology, which works like a parking sensor in a car, but at temperatures >350C.
  • Such technology has potential for use in energy harvesting in extreme environments.

Tim Comyn, Technical Director, Ionix Advanced Technologies


Removing Composite Resins - The Safe Method

Learn how a well-known aerospace company has found a safe and sustainable solution for the removal of composite resins from precision tooling. 

  • Previously a very low flash point solvent was in use, resulting in a higher risk for operators and the environment plus an extremely labour intensive method, leading to a considerable cost. 
  • Learn how all of this is now managed in a closed, semi-automated, compliant system provided by SAFECHEM Europe and ECOCLEAN UK.

Richard Starkey, Industry Manager - Aviation, SAFECHEM Europe


Advanced Engineering Funding for SMEs – post Brexit

Dr Suresh Patel from Birmingham City Council will give an insight as to how the ERDF £33m Business Growth Programme can support SMEs with their growth plans, the four strands of grant support on offer and the type of projects which qualify for consideration.   Nearly 250 businesses have already benefitted from Business Growth Programme grants and Dr Patel is urging SMEs to capitalise on this EU funding opportunity while they still can. 

Dr Suresh Patel, Business Enterprise Manager, Birmingham City Council


Smart Manufacturing: Data Analytics across your Smart Devices

Learn how to ingest ALL data in one place, from your manufacturing line, smart sensor devices and disparate connected devices for real-time and predictive analytics and visualizations across your manufacturing line, your product for real-time business decisions.

Melissa Nealon, Account Executive - Aerospace Defence, Splunk Inc.



Composites Technology Roadmaps Industrial Consultation

Mark Summers, Aerospace Technology Institute


Challenges and Opportunities for Composites in Aerospace

Marcello Grassi, Leading Edge Strategy Consultancy


Composite Materials and Manufacturing Development at TODS Aerospace

Simon Corner, Business Development Executive, TODS Aerospace


Plans for Composite Wings

Dave Phipps, Head of Carbon Fibre Development, Airbus


Barrel Milling Cutter Development for Integrally Bladed Rotors

Kevin, Ngoe, Research and Technology Manager UK, ITP Engines UK Ltd


Solving the NDT problem for AM components

Neil Sewell, Head of Research, Theta Technologies


NATEP program for the Development of Aluminium Composites for Aerospace Applications

Particle reinforced aluminium composites have been developed within the NATEP program for application on structural aerospace components.  The presentation will review progress to achieve mechanical property targets combined with suitable net shape forged shapes and incorporating appropriate ultrasonic detection techniques for non-destructive testing. Co Authors: Dr David Tricker, Dr Stuart Godfrey & Alan Langford (Materion AMC)

Andrew D. Tarrant, Managing Director, Materion Aerospace Metal Composites


KEYNOTE: Industrial Digitalisation

Paul Clarke, Lead Technologist - Strategy and Integration, Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)


KEYNOTE: Productivity, Competitiveness & Growth – The Power of Three

Dr David W. Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, North West Aerospace Alliance


KEYNOTE: Additive Manufacturing

Robert Sharman, Global Head of Additive Manufacturing, GKN


KEYNOTE: Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing will change the way we make things and it is not a revolution as many say, it will be a continuum of technologies, learning, processes and progression from where we are today to what we will become to be competitive on an ever evolving world stage.

  • At Meggitt we do not see Intelligent Manufacturing as a project to be 'rolled out' into our factories, we see its multitude of opportunities that can improve our business, piece by piece like parts of a jigsaw, as more pieces are joined up the picture becomes clearer and over time the full picture and value comes into view.
  • However its not that simple. Meggitt started its intelligent manufacturing journey some years ago and has learnt lessons about skills, requirements, training, technology, tools provision, integration and adoption of our jigsaw pieces. 
  • We have got some areas of the total picture wrong and have had to rethink, other areas of the total picture have just fitted and worked better than we expected.
  • This speech will share some of our experiences which hopefully provide some insight to the audience.

Keith Jackson, ‎Chief Technology Officer, Meggitt PLC


SC21 - The Burning Issue. What's in it for me?

  • The case for Change - Burning Platform, Burning Ambition
  • SC21 by numbers - what have we achieved to date?
  • SC21 avoid the switch - what next?

Colin Hart, Head of SC21, ADS Group Limited


FEED study: Foundation of Business Agility

In a fast-paced changing world, the use of existing and advanced technologies and versatile production methods are essential elements to enhance efficient and intelligent production, while maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Giving a keynote session on front-end consulting study, this will stress the importance of a responsive early-stage approach and dynamic client engagement process.

Doug Howard, Market Development Manager, Bouygues Energies & Services


International Standards for the Avionics Electronics Industry

The Aviation industry operates worldwide and has recognised that individual OEMs and suppliers need international standards for managing global complex supply chains.

  • This presentation explains the issue surrounding the use of 'Off the Shelf' (COTS) electronic components and how international standards have been created by IEC TC107 and BSI GEL/107 to support the international Aviation industry.

Jo Vann, CEO - Senior Technologist - Component Technology, GE Aviation Systems



This talk will discuss BOXARR's experience in successfully delivering an innovative NATEP project, and then following-up with a further NATEP project proposal.  Objectives, approaches and details of both projects will be covered during the presentation.  This talk will be an open and honest perspective on the merits and challenges of the NATEP construct as an approach to encouraging innovation amongst UK SMEs, and engaging large enterprises in that innovation process, for the benefit of the UK aerospace industry.

Alasdair Pettigrew, CEO, BOXARR


Combustion Chamber Process Innovation

Mac Fletcher, GEAC Team Leader, NTC (Nasmyth Technologies Coventry)


Ian Bebbington, CFO - Systems & Defence Division, NTC (Nasmyth Technologies Coventry)


How Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is enabling the next generation of the Ethernet standard, to support the IoT and IIoT with a single cable

Ethernet is continuing to expand its range, functionality and applications with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

  • TSN is poised to enable the interoperability and data communication needed for the IIoT.
  • We will review the TSN standards, examples of system architectures, and show how it provides foundational support for multiple application protocols.

Thomas McQuillan, Applications Engineer, National Instruments

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