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OX13QR Oxford
United Kingdom

OxSOL is a spin-out proposal based on innovative work from the University of Oxford and local entrepreneurs. The Company's technology platform of polymer oxide smart materials offers multiple applications including: (1) thermochromic smart glass for energy management in buildings, (2) infrared heat barriers for outdoor electronics such as video surveillance cameras and (3) infrared coatings for automotive glass. All the envisaged applications are in disruptive products such as smart buildings, cooler outdoor electronics and smart automotive glass. The Company has multiple patent filings in the pipeline and intends to build a strong global IPR portfolio to picket fence its technology and market position.

The Company's competitive advantage is based on:
• IPR on chemical formulations, processes, designs and applications.
• A proven management team with relevant technical and business expertise.
• Manufacturing processes readily scalable for mass volume applications.
OxSOL is seeking seed funding of £600K to scale-up the project for further funding rounds and an exit within 6 years.