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Punk Couplings Ltd

Punk Couplings Ltd


BS161QG Bristol
United Kingdom

Punk Couplings Limited is a UK SME who primary business activity is the invention and development of torque coupling products and licensing of this intellectual property to manufacturing companies. Punk seeks to work collaboratively with partners to further develop our products for specific applications that keep those companies at the forefront of their own sectors.

Punk Couplings Limited has developed and patented several novel products such as a geometric flexible torque couplings that can be used to replace traditional couplings such as universal joints and gear couplings. Unique in that it only has one moving part using a radical reinterpretation of the well-established cardan joint mechanism to transmit power between misaligned shafts. This novel approach achieves cardan motion in a unique way, creating an extremely compact and robust torque coupling. This offers unique systems integration opportunities, reduced parts count and the potential to redefine torque transmission.
Punk has spent considerable expenditure on engineering development and test programmes to mitigate the perceived technology risks by potential licensees/development partners for the technology. They have also achieved substantial innovation funding and obtained key market research on the market opportunities for their products.
Punk has also developed, tested and patented the first self-aligning and translating lead screw nut. The nut delivers absolute perfect alignment at all times, constantly removes dynamic and static alignment errors in one or two axes; effectively, it is permanently operating as if there was zero lead screw alignment error, allowing flexible or moving structures or misalignment issues to be accommodated without thought for accurate installation.