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Disruptive Technologies AS

Disruptive Technologies AS


SW181AB London
United Kingdom

We have developed a truly ground-breaking yet stunningly simple end-to-end sensor solution, which has the capacity to significantly reduce cost, increase efficiency and drive innovation in the built environment. Our sensors have unparalleled size (19mm x 19mm x 2mm), lifespan (15 years of battery life) and robustness. They are small and tough enough to be deployed at scale in numerous applications. Currently we have sensors addressing temperature, touch and proximity, with many more to come. Sensors communicate to a cloud connector device up to several 100s of metres away. This then directly communicates the data to our secure cloud solution, accessible via open APIs.

We were founded 2013 in Bergen, Norway, but this solution is the product of over 15 years of research and development work from our founders and team. We are currently working with 80 pilot customers across a range of industries, including energy, real estate, retail, facilities management and logistics, and will fully launch in market in early 2018.