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Evolve Dynamics

Evolve Dynamics


GU27YG Guildford
United Kingdom

The "all-around" collision avoidance and position detection solutions from Evolve Dynamics is advancing the UAV and manned autonomous aircraft to become truly safe and truly autonomous. Most solutions currently on the market have limited awareness and only monitor a partial perimeter around the aircraft, whereas Evolve Dynamics Aerotonomy has 360x360x360 awareness and “looks” front, rear, left, right, up and down - all around the UAV to ensure collision is avoided from all angles. The system also orients itself and maintains position by utilising computer vision instead of GPS - allowing it to operate in huge caves, canyons, heavily built up areas or environments where there is radio jamming and GPS is not available. Evolve Dynamics Aerotonomy is able to maintain a steady hover or a rigid heading regardless of sided wind or heavy gusts. The solution also can simultaneously map in 3D the environment it experiences for later examination - as well as being able to “trace it’s steps back” to get back to landing site.