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UCL Business PLC/Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies

UCL Business PLC/Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies


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Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies

Leadership in versatile Silicon based next generation Solutions for memory and computing Applications

Intrinsic is a fabless semiconductor spinout commercialising an all silicon Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) technology developed at UCL’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. RRAM offers low power consumption, scalability, density and flexibility in manufacturing. The UCL/Intrinsic RRAM can be directly integrated with logic circuitry, reducing the number of peripheral components, and therefore enabling devices with a smaller footprint.

RRAM is part of the emerging memory technologies initiative towards the introduction of storage class memory. Non-volatile memory is a fundamental component in the semiconductor industry, and the UCL/Intrinsic RRAM is a platform technology with a diverse range of applications across the semiconductor space, such as automotive, aerospace, embedded memory for microcontrollers.

To-date the UCL/Intrinsic technology has progressed through several generations of prototypes to an early commercial demonstrator (memory coupled to external logic). In tests the UCL memory is using 400x lower switching energy and 6 times lower voltage than Flash. Additionally, the switching speed which is 150x faster, will allow much faster data access (read and write) times, with an ‘instant on’ capability. Its compatibility with current semiconductor manufacturing processes allow for easy adoption and the simple device structure also allows for smaller chips with further power efficiency savings. Intrinsic is currently developing a set of embedded memory prototypes which can be incorporated in microcontrollers, with applications across a wide range of sectors.