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Smart Separations Ltd

Smart Separations Ltd


N17GU London
United Kingdom

Smart Separations Ltd has patented an innovative microfiltration (MF) technology to produce ceramic filters with self-assembled controllable pores of uniform size in the range between <1 and 50µm. This tight pore size control and range availability has significant implications for progression in a number of fields, including electronics and indoor air quality, as well as in many other industries, such as in biotechnology and even drink processing. Off-the-shelf technologies that are used nowadays, whether ceramic or plastic-based, are either too expensive or lack in efficient results. Smart Separations’ ceramic filters can handle much higher temperatures (1000°C), making them much more durable and easier to clean than its polymeric counterparts. Our ambition is to be the world’s leader in MF and particle separations technology – filling the void gap that exists in the market nowadays.