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Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy


SW7 2PG London
United Kingdom

Bramble Energy was founded in November 2016 to commercially exploit technology developed at UCL and Imperial College. Through revolutionary fuel cell design and manufacturing techniques, we have developed the unique, patent protected printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC). The PCBFC utilises cost-effective production methods and materials from the PCB industry to reduce the cost and complexity of manufacturing low temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

PCBFC technology radically simplifies the fuel cell construction by replacing specialised, complex and heavy machined components with bonded PCB materials. The widely standardised PCB industry allows Bramble Energy to utilise contract manufacturing at any volume at almost any PCB factory around the world.

Bramble Energy’s ability to leverage the global high-volume PCB industry means that we are the first fuel cell company with the manufacturing capacity to supply gigawatts of fuel cell hardware. This is something that the battery industry has spent many years and $B’s to achieve.

PCBFC technology also reduces the size and weight of a fuel cell stack compared to its competitors. In tests, Bramble’s PCBFC has demonstrated volumetric and gravimetric power densities twice and six times better than its closest competitor respectively. However, Bramble Energy’s greatest competitive advantage stems from our leadership on cost over traditional PEM fuel cell technology at significantly lower production volumes. Our innovative stacking design allows the cost per kW to scale more competitively than any other fuel cell manufacturer for both small and large stacks.

Bramble Energy’s vision is to enable the low carbon economy through affordable power delivery by becoming the largest fuel cell system and component supplier in the world.