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BS16QH Bristol
United Kingdom

BOXARR enables people to manage complex challenges, by stitching together existing data-sources with human knowledge/expertise. BOXARR can model, visualise, analyse, simulate, and optimise ‘inter-dependent systems of systems’ – at real world scales of complexity. Apply BOXARR to Engineering, Supply-chain, Project-Planning, Process, LogOps and more.


Product news

  • BOXARR | Alliance Partner Programme

    BOXARR works in collaboration with a global network of Certified Alliance Partners (CAPs) and BOXARR Certified Professionals (BCPs). Our Alliance Partner Program has been designed to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of quality and service to our Customers.

    If you are an engineering-services company, consultancy, or professional, and would like to provide BOXARR-based solutions to your customers, please come and see us at Stand F5G, or contact us via our website.

    Likewise, if your organisation would like to discuss implementing BOXARR solutions with one of our Alliance Partners, please come and see us on Stand F5G or contact us via our website, and we will put you in touch with their relevant business unit.