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CV326DQ Leamington Spa
United Kingdom

About pointFASE

pointFASE provides a low-cost drag & drop automation solution (both software & hardware) that helps manufacturing companies increase productivity through digitisation and optimisation of their operations. Our technology can drive Industry 4.0 implementations through database connectivity and analytics, and enables rapid integration with Siemens/Allen Bradley PLCs, OPC servers, MODBUS devices, Bosch Rexroth drives and even machine vision hardware.

As a scalable solution with plug-in architecture, our solution is easy-to-configure and quickly introduces control and consistency to your process. This means it is ideal for rapidly prototyping proposed changes to existing manufacturing processes, allowing you to utilise existing in-house resource instead of bringing in external specialists. pointFASE is designed specifically to deliver a smart, connected factory and helps you gain more control over any new or existing manufacturing hardware.

Based in Leamington Spa in the Midlands, pointFASE is in the perfect location to deliver the benefits of FASE to organisations throughput the UK and beyond.