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Revaluetech Ltd

Revaluetech Ltd


B130EZ Birmingham
United Kingdom



• A real way to deal with plastics packaging waste that reduces dependence on landfill;
 Does not rely on exporting plastic waste to the Far East to meet recycling targets;
 Helps to meet DEFRA plastic recycling targets;
 Provides a sustainable, macro-scale way for plastic waste to become a resource;
 Does not depend on high oil and the polymers to sustain its commerciality;
• Enables less hardwood trees to be cut down in tropical rain forests;
 A process that makes physically superior and last longer products than hardwood;
 Reduces the need to import tropical hardwood ;
 Preserves the lungs of our planet for future generations;
 Products that eliminate the need to use carcinogenic creosote as a preservative;
 Products that have been in use for 15 years and are available in the UK now;
• A manufacturing process that dramatically reduces carbon emissions;
 A process that is intrinsically safe;
 Makes products that are inert, environmentally and ecologically safe;
 Makes products that are maintenance free, last longer and offer superior whole life performance and yet are recyclable;
 Makes price competitive products;
 Can use the plastic soup recovered from the oceans as a valued resource.


Revaluetech Re-Formative engineering process and formulations technology enables a wide range of structurally engineered polymer composite products to be manufactured, using recovered mixed plastic packaging waste. In place of tropical hardwood they are being used to increase resilience from catastrophic weather events affecting the U.K. coastline and inland flooding. With the impending ban on use of creosote coming into force in 2018 our technology enables environmentally safe and cost effective products to be made in place of creosote treated softwood rail sleepers and utility poles for the power and telecoms sectors. When used in place of concrete kerbing carbon emissions are reduced by 95%, weight by 60% and being almost unbreakable their value is distinctly better.

Given longer, maintenance free service life these polymer composite products offer exceptional whole life performance. They match and exceed the physical and environmental performance requirements for the above applications and many other end uses. Significantly the products are price competitive with the traditional products they replace. It places Revaluetech Re-Formative technology at the forefront ready to open up large-scale end uses in the U.K., and macro-scale markets globally, thereby helping to meet DEFRA plastic recycling targets and for the technology to be licensed internationally.