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Cambond Ltd


CB42HY Cambridge
United Kingdom

Cambond Ltd is a Cambridge UK based company that has developed a biomass based platform technology aimed at developing a new generation of industrial adhesives. Cambond© is designed to replace urea/formaldehyde adhesives in the woodpanel industry. The wood panel industry is a global $400Bn a year market.

Urea/formaldehyde adhesives are energy intensive to produce and toxic. Use of urea formaldehyde adhesives generates health and environmental problems.

The use of biomass-based adhesives reduces the carbon footprint of commercial standard MDF/OSB and plywood panels by up to 60% (LCA available).

Cambond has set up a joint venture - Camtian Ltd (based in Changzhou, China) to develop, trial and manufacture its biomass based adhesive (Cambond©) and market this to existing wood panel manufacturers (MDF/OSB/plywoods) in China. This technology is also being introduced to Europe.

Cambond’s R&D programme in the UK has shown that Cambond© technology can combined with plant fibres and a wide range of plastics to make polymer composites that can be used to make moulded or extruded products manufactured using existing plastics processes.

Cambond technology enables plant biomass to be substituted for plastic in the manufacture of a wide range of products. The use of ‘waste’ biomass from agricultural activities to substitute for plastic provides a range of commercial opportunities to produce environmentally friendly, sustainable forms of existing successful plastic products. This technology will enable substantial reductions in the carbon footprint of many products for no extra cost.

Cambond© resin can be combined with polymers and other biomass to create a wide variety of bioplastics/biocomposites.