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Cranfield Manufacturing

At the Enhanced Composites and Structures Centre, as part of the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, we provide world-class and niche research, education, training and consultancy in manufacturing and play a key role in ensuring that the UK remains at the cutting edge of manufacturing research.

Cranfield researchers are currently working on:
Nano-composite materials that offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for treatment of heavy metal contaminated water
Advanced energy storage materials for dielectric capacitors; supercapacitors and Li/Na ion batteries.
Nano-modified polymers that support real-time assessment of joint integrity during manufacturing and provide long-term performance and reliability monitoring during service.
Low-cost, lean, clean fastening solutions for composite and multi-material structures in mass-market and automotive applications.
Optimised, tailorable materials combinations and processing solutions for High-volume manufacturing utilising localised fibre reinforcement of discontinuous carbon fibre composites.