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Duodrive Limited

Duodrive Limited


SO143ZH Southampton
United Kingdom

Duodrive Limited was formed to own & develop an original contra-rotating mechanism patent and have now developed a disruptive Marine Propulsion innovation (patent applied for) enables up to a 30% reduction in carbon footprint. Duodrive is based in the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and has completed their own 10m Lochin 33 Sports Twin workboat demonstrator. The design won the Propulsion Category and "Spirit of Innovation" Awards at Seawork 2016 and was shortlisted for the 2017 Green Ship Technology of the Year Award. This innovative technology is targeted for installation on boats up to 28m long (or longer dependant on meeting power criteria) with inboard engines. Other associated designs are under development.

Duodrivetrain™ (Patent pending) comprises all the elements for efficient propulsion with twin contra-rotating propellers, fully enclosed lineshafts (oil lubricated) and axial thrust bearings all enclosed into a single ‘cassette’ which mounts to the vessel from the outside of the hull via the unique ‘shoe’. The alignment of the drivetrain is independent of the vessel. The mounting ensures 100% thrust directly through the hull and liberates the engine/gearbox & coupling from any adjustment or issues arising from thrust/alignment/vibrations. As the unit mounts externally there is no gland seal or stern tube. It can also be installed/demounted without dry-docking of the vessel.