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Reeco Automation Ltd

Reeco Automation Ltd


SY175JA Powys
United Kingdom

Reeco Automation Ltd is the only integrator of collaborative robots (cobots) in the UK. The company, which is headquartered in the Mid Wales village of Caersws, has so far predominantly focused on the automotive and packaging industries.

The new generation of cobots allow operators and robot to work together without the need for safety fencing and expensive guarding, all regulated to ISO 13849-1. The cobots have a guaranteed payback within 12 months


Product news


    Llewelyn Rees, Managing Director of Reeco Automation Ltd first met representatives of Accolade Wines last September, at the PPMA Show in Birmingham. Accolade Wines were looking for a solution to replace a timely procedure, of a factory worker manually loading cardboard wine boxes onto a conveyor.

    Following initial conversations, a demonstration took place to show how a human-robot collaboration (HRC) could speed up this procedure on the packaging line. The initial demonstration was successful, which led to a final project being commissioned. The team at Reeco worked with Mark Smith of Accolade and world leading paper based packaging suppliers; Smurfit Kappa CRP. Smurfit had recently began investing in new factory equipment to speed up their production lines.

    Reeco worked closely with Smurfit on card configuration, then installed the cobots refining the card positions with the end result of the cobots running successfully. Llewelyn Rees reflects on his experience working on the project:

    “The project was challenging as we were working collaboratively on something that had never been achieved before. The project was time consuming and skill demanding, but seeing the cobots working successfully made it all worthwhile. We feel so proud to have won this year’s Accolade Wines Collaboration of the Year award, it’s great to be acknowledged so prestigiously for our hard work”.



    The RB series is a robotics base system built by Reeco Automation. The RB system is a versatile, mobile solution for human-robot collaborative assembly.

    The system has been designed to allow it to be brought to the site of operation easily where it’s quickly ready for use. The robot base is produced to be compatible with most human-robot collaborative (HRC) applications. The system is easy to integrate and the location of the robot unit can be changed manually in a short time.

    The RB system is highly versatile and available in a wide variety of versions. The system is highly durable with an unlimited number of customisation options.