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randd uk


DE1 1NN Derby
United Kingdom

Established in 2008, randd uk is a financial services company that specialise in reclaiming R&D tax credits for UK businesses. The head office is based in Derby with experienced consultants working across the UK to reclaim money from HMRC on behalf of SMEs and large companies. The dedicated team have an impressive 100% success rate of R&D claims since starting in 2008 and the company goal is to maintain this record whilst assisting more businesses with growth plans focused on research and development activities.

So what are R&D tax credits? In April 2000, the government introduced new legislation that enabled UK companies to claim back money provided from a European fund for research and development work. Many businesses and some accountants are unaware of this legislation, so randd uk set out to reward innovation and make it easier for companies to claim back the maximum amount achievable from the tax man.

Product news

  • What does the future hold for research and development?

    The future of research and development is looking bright, but the question is, will the sector go on to exceed its current standards? How far can the UK push innovation? Companies of various sizes and structures are opting for research and development to advance their products, services or method of working - this innovation can be rewarded by randd uk through tax credits.