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Seiki specialises in real time production control and manufacturing execution systems, providing a visual and dynamic picture of the production process. Our software maximises the productivity of production equipment and plant resources by addressing the complete works order lifecycle - your strategic Industry 4.0 operational manufacturing management solution.


Product news

  • Produmax invests in Seiki manufacturing software

    West Yorkshire based Produmax has its sights set firmly on the future. With a company vision statement to be “Engineering Superheroes” this is a company with an ambition to go further and faster than anyone else. Specialising in high precision engineering, Produmax has focused heavily on optimising its manufacturing operations and using the latest technologies to stay at the leading edge. This has resulted in investments in a new modern facility, CNC machine tools and handling systems, and Seiki software to visualise and improve the productivity of its resources.

    Operations director Paul Birtles explains, “The last few years have seen some significant changes for Produmax and we’ve embarked on a major process of business transformation. Our philosophy is very much about doing this every day in small, achievable chunks as one team. The Seiki system has been a key part of this, helping us to drive changes with data and process support. The fact that you could store all the job information, monitor machine activities and deliver prioritised electronic work queues was attractive as we were moving to paperless systems. Seiki was going to be the driver behind it. It really turned us around, giving us the measures we’d never had before.”

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