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SpoluWorks Perfecta

SpoluWorks Perfecta


69701 Kyjov
Czech Republic

SpoluWorks PERFECTA:
Precise machining of complex parts with hard-to-please process requirements for customers from most demanding industries. Our products fly in the most popular passenger airplanes or drive on Mars in the MarsRover.

Some of our precious business friends:
Airbus (d) / ABB Turbo Systems (ch) / Groupe Latecoere (f) / Amada (jp/f) / Bottero (it) / S.A.B. Aerospace (it) / Tillotson (irl)

precise machining of complex parts with hard-to-please process requirements
surface welding / cladding
additive manufacturing

top-trained & talented & experienced team
state-of-the-art machines & robots + state-of-the-art software
modern & complex ERP system
CAD / CAM / PLM / DNC / PDM / MDC / paperless production

... We DELIVER !

SpoluWorks MORAVIA:
Its products form 1,100 °C hot glass into jars and bottles at a rate of up to 600 pieces per minute.

Transport lines so sensitively designed and configured to transport, check and wrap (not only) glass products with a diameter of 5 cm and a height of 40 cm without even overturning or breaking.

One of the uncompromisingly applied mottos of our guru, T.Bata, was: "Thinking to the people, labour to the machines" Indeed, let´s leave the work to machines, robots and software and let´s give people time to work on things machines are not yet capable of – discovering new approaches, new solutions.


Product news

  • SpoluWorks Perfecta = EXPORT STORY OF THE YEAR 2016 in the Czech republic

    SpoluWorks Perfecta (up to now known as componenta perfecta) was chosen as Export Story of 2016 in the Czech Republic. This is rewarded to companies with the most exciting export capabilities development, which can in turn inspire other companies to enter foreign markets.


  • Social Friends of SpoluWorks

    We are not just technicians, we are people who enjoy living and consider ourselves part of a community, a neighbourhood.
    Our most entertaining friend has been awarded the titles singer of the year and album of 2016. The highly talented Thom Artway has agreed to let SpoluWorks use his music for self-promotion. Just like us, he, despite undisputed talent, has to make a great effort in order for his “customers” to learn about his product - music - and appreciate it ... in his case it's playing and singing in the streets around the world.
    The YouTube video on the attached link code has more than 2,500,000 views. It’s a video of Thom Artway playing Coldplay’s song Scientist on the streets of Prague. The most popular comment under the video is “I'm pretty sure Coldplay did a cover of this song".



    componenta perfecta became an integral part of SpoluWorks network

    Please, see attached presentation to learn about the beautiful idea behind SpoluWorks ...
    ... and about all competencies and "done-in-one" services we offer.

    it is true more than ever before: We are a problem solver and cost reducer to our business friends !