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HiETA Technologies Ltd

HiETA Technologies Ltd


BS167FR Bristol
United Kingdom

HiETA Technologies Limited is a product design, development, and production company exploiting the new technology of Additive Manufacturing (AM). Using Selective Laser Melting, we can ‘grow’ components from layers of very fine powders. The very high levels of 3D Design freedom provided by the approach allow HiETA to deploy complex geometries, including lattices, and to integrate multiple components into single designs. This allows us to create more compact and efficient components than conventional manufacturing techniques.

Based in Bristol and Bath Science Park, HiETA is pioneering the use of high-performance metals, polymers, and composite materials. There, in our Technology Centre, our team of highly experienced and qualified engineers design, test, prototype and manufacture innovative high-performance components. Our design for thermal management and weight reductions aim to meet the increasing demand for the smaller, lighter and more efficient engines and energy systems required for the aerospace, defence, automotive and clean energy sectors.

Our team specialises in additive manufacturing. We can provide design, manufacture and support services across the whole value chain from conceptual design and materials science through to the application of the technology and manufacture. The team provides modelling expertise using CFD, FEA, thermal and performance evaluation, testing and quality assurance. We can then manage manufacture and production through the full supply chain in our high-tech Technology Centre.

Product news

  • HiETA Tests Our Highest Effectiveness Heat Exchanger

    HiETA Technologies recently tested our highest ever effectiveness (>96%) heat exchanger, as part of a collaborative R&D project with Bath University and AXES Design.


  • HiETA Successfully Tests a Waste-Heat Heat Exchanger

    HiETA Technologies recently tested a waste-heat heat exchanger to 36 bar, 650°C temperature, as part of a collaborative R&D project named iBRANCH with Bath University and AXES Design.


  • HiETA Technologies Recently Tested Our Novel Waste Heat Recovery System

    HiETA Technologies recently tested our novel waste heat recovery system, as part of a collaborative R&D project with Bath University and AXES Design, generating over 1kW of power from an exhaust stream.