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ACM Composite Bearings

ACM Composite Bearings


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ACM Composite Bearing materials are a range of advanced resin bonded, fibre reinforced bearing materials combining engineering fabrics, thermosetting resins and solid lubricants and offer many advantages over traditional bearing materials such as metallic or polymer type materials.


Product news

  • ACM L2 Marine - Class Approved

    ACM L2 Marine holds six major classification society approvals for wet and dry operation in rudder bearing applications and six major classification society approvals for water lubricated propeller shaft applications.

    With virtually zero swell in water and very low thermal expansion coefficients, L2 Marine is ideally suited to the operating conditions and working environment of rudder and pintle bearings which can be either water, oil, grease lubricated or dry conditions. The material was developed to give improved performance, longer life, non-lubricated operation and a maintenance free fit and forget bearing solution.

    ACM has extensive experience supplying L2 Marine bearings for the marine and offshore industry in a wide range of applications including rudder bearings and steering gear, water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, bearings for anchor handling systems, crane bearings, life boat systems, winches, stern roller bearings, offshore moorings and so on. ACM L2 Marine has been successfully installed and operated on over 7,000 vessels worldwide.


  • ACM L2 Marine - The Fit And Forget Marine Bearing Solution

    ACM L2 Marine is the ideal material for marine environments; able to work under wet or dry conditions thanks, in part, to the use of molybdenum disulphide as a solid lubricant.

    Molybdenum disulphide offers the best friction and wear properties in applications such as rudder bearings and is one of the reasons ACM L2 Marine is approved for use as both upper and lower bearings in these applications at a pressure of 10 MPa. It is also successfully used in stabilisers, stern rollers, deck equipment and much more.

    The self-lubricating additive also gives ACM L2 Marine it’s characteristic grey colour, no matter how much we might not want it to, and means that if your current material doesn’t have a grey hue to it, then you are not using the best material for the job.


  • ACM TriboTex 7M Pump Bearings

    ACM TriboTex 7M is our proven material for pump bearings. Successfully applied to deep well, fire fighting, water treatment pumps and more. The bearings are lubricated by the fluid being pumped and can tolerate dry running during start up.


  • ACM Composite Bearings Standardised Range

    Did you know, as well as supplying custom self-lubricating bearings designed to replace traditional bearings in your existing hardware, ACM offer a range of standardised composite bearings. These are designed for a press fit into a H7 housing, to suit a h7 shaft for a range of bearing loads, and are ready to be incorporated into your hardware designs.
    Contact us for more details.


  • ACM Composite Bearings Supply MANIC-5

    ACM composite materials are replacing oil or grease lubricated bearings throughout the hydropower industry. This includes valves, wicket gates and turbine hubs, making the systems environmentally friendly and lower maintenance.
    Our materials even replace the main turbine bearing, an application we have been involved in for many years, with the main bearing lubricated by the water flowing through it instead of oil.
    Read more about our work with ANDRITZ HYDRO on the recent MANIC-5 project here http://ow.ly/Y7N030cqNAa and contact us for more information.