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United Kingdom

Established in the UK in 1973, Safetykleen remains the market leader in component cleaning and spray gun cleaning machine services, offering the widest choice of equipment, cleaning fluids and service packages. Recycling, re-use and waste minimisation are at the heart of all the company’s offerings, which include specialist waste collection services. In addition to its UK operation, Safetykleen operates in almost every European mainland country as well as Turkey, Brazil and China.

Safetykleen products and services are found in most industry sectors, but is particularly experienced in developing solutions for the rail, automotive, aerospace, defence and food industries. Supported by a network of local branches nationwide and a dedicated fleet of familiar yellow vans and tankers, customers can enjoy a total solution to all their component-cleaning requirements, which can change and grow alongside their business.

Safetykleen provides both aqueous and solvent-based machine services, all of which observe the requirements of the Waste Framework Directive. The company is committed to waste minimisation at every level, and refurbishes its own equipment for re-use.


Product news

  • Such a recognisable site on Britain’s roads, the new fleet of iconic yellow vehicles further strengthens Safetykleen’s ability and flexibility to service and meet its customer’s needs.

    Safetykleen UK & Ireland is proud to announce the renewal of its fleet of tankers, trucks and vans. A familiar sight on the roads, Safetykleen’s emblematic yellow vans and trucks have gone through an important upgrade. As the range of machines being launched to service new applications increases, the fleet needs to meet the requirements for delivery, installation and the full Safetykleen servicing & maintenance of these new machines.