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Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd

Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd


PE29 6XS Huntingdon
United Kingdom

Laser 2000 is a specialist distributor of high performance photonics and optoelectronics equipment.
At Advanced Engineering we will showcase a revolutionary blue fibre-coupled laser module from Nuburu. Highly absorbed by yellow metals, high power blue light allows you to achieve fast, controllable, and spatter-free welding in a range of industrial and manufacturing processes. Come and see our "SPATTER-FREE Copper Conduction & Key-hole Welding Modes" video and find out how this new blue laser can revolutionise your welding process.


Product news

  • Why Blue Beats Infrared Fibre Lasers?

    Laser 2000 launches a revolutionary blue fibre-coupled laser module, AO-150 by Nuburu. Blue light has a number of advantages over infrared lasers in materials processing and 3D printing, such as greater absorption, higher resolution, and increased processing speed.

    A large number of non-ferrous metals, such as copper and yellow metals, have up to 20 times greater absorption in the blue region of the electromagnetic spectrum compared to the infrared region.

    Blue light can also focus to a significantly smaller spot (up to five times smaller) than infrared light. This improvement on resolution, combined with greater absorption, provides better control of the processing window and increased processing speed.
    Enabling spatter-free conduction and keyhole welding, AO-150 is recommended for the welding of batteries and interconnects. These applications are essential for advancements in e-mobility.

    Visit our stand L62 and see our video "Spatter-Free™ Copper Welding with 275W High Power Blue Laser". It only takes 40sec to see the difference by yourself.