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Tufcot Engineering Ltd


S95PH Sheffield
United Kingdom

Composite Materials From Tufcot

Tufcot is a composite engineering material manufactured from synthetic fibres and thermosetting resins.

Tufcot offers the design engineer an attractive alternative to traditional materials used throughout industry for bushes, bearings, wear pads and many more applications.


Product news

  • Tufcot looks to develop its international communications strategy

    UK Trade & Investment has been to Tufcot HQ to advise on overcoming language and cultural barriers


  • Tufcot on track to exhibit at “Composites in Rail”

    Tufcot aligns itself with the rail industry’s trade association Rail Alliance in a sector showcase organised by Composites UK.


  • Tufcot Achieves Lloyds Approval for Pintle & Pintle Rudder Bearings

    Over the last year Tufcot has invested heavily in order to achieve Lloyds approvals for the Marine sector. As of last week, Tufcot is now an approved supplier of Pintle and Pintle Rudder bearings via the Lloyds Register for our grade T100MP.

    ‘This Statement confirms the above named material (T100MP) is entered in the LR list of Approved Synthetic Rudder Bearing Materials – Group 1(B), Provisional Approval, for a maximum bearing pressure of 10N/mm²’ – Lloyds Register Certificate.

    Now Tufcot has this accreditation it will allow our current and new customers to have the confidence to promote the Tufcot material as a material that has achieved accreditation status.

    Below are the key benefits that the accreditation will bring:

    Confidence in the Tufcot brand and the Tufcot material.
    Test figures allowed the approval to be at a maximum pressure of 10N/mm².
    Development of our in-house testing facilities to achieve new accreditations in the Marine sector and other sectors.
    A key promotion of the Tufcot brand
    Offer a stock list of T100MP tubes which will be available for same day delivery at an agreed price
    Rapid turnaround of Marine grade approved Tubes to help vessels during dockings.
    Thankyou, if you have any enquiries please e-mail info@tufcot.com


  • Oil Sector – Conductor Wear Sheaves

    For over 5 years, Tufcot, in partnership with HHR Enterprise have been developing the WearSheave products to suit various oil rig conductors around the world.

    The key benefits of the Wear Sheave are:

    Fire retardant T400 Tufcot® material
    Replace unsafe wooden chocks
    Minimal wear rates – see clients comments below
    Water is an ideal lubricant
    Oil platform safety improvements
    Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak:

    “This product is an example of a major problem being highlighted in a dangerous environment and Tufcot® material being used as an ideal solution in a safer, more efficient manner. Tufcot are continuing to research and develop in many market sectors with the Oil and Gas Sector as a key growth area in years to come”
    HHR have continued to design and improve the WearSheaves with the help of the Tufcot Technical department. As every WearSheave and Oil rig is different due to varying Conductor sizes it has been imperative that Tufcot is able to produce drawings in-house. Another capability that has been developed by Tufcot through 2016.

    OMI North Sea – HHR Client

    “We have noticed a number of extra benefits apart from the protection afforded to the Conductor as they pass through the Guide, this has been the safety to personnel as we no longer have to install chocks of wood using a sledge hammer every few weeks against a Moving Caisson in the north sea the Risk to personnel is greatly reduced. We estimate after two years’ service the amount of wear we have had on the WearSheave™ will be about 10% meaning they should only need replacing every 5 years. The Wear to the caisson’s themselves has been totally arrested.” http://hhrenterprise.co.uk/what-clients-say/