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Niton UK Limited

Niton UK Limited


SO213BN Woodmancott
United Kingdom

Niton UK is the market leader in handheld XRF instruments.

We represent and service
Thermo Scientific Niton's XRF analyser for metals and alloys
TSI’s PolyMax LASER analyser for plastic polymers

Collectively, the staff at Niton UK have over 200 years of experience in metallurgy and materials analysis. We have a large client base throughout the UK and Ireland with instruments in use across a wide range of industries. We are the only ISO registered company supplying such products.

To help you choose the correct instrument to solve your analysis problem, our sales team will be demonstrating instruments at our stand O34 at Advanced Engineering 2017. We are also offering visitors the chance to win £1000 off their next Niton analyser or service. To enter the draw just drop off your business card at the Niton stand O34.


Product news

  • Heralding a new dawn in coatings analysis with the XL5

    Need to know what type of metal a fixing or pipe is made of outside in the field? Niton X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers have been measuring alloys and pure elements in the UK for nearly 20 years. Applications include aircraft and oil rig components, mining, soil testing, precious metal validation and end-of-life recycling.

    Niton UK now heralds a new dawn in non-destructive coatings analysis and a step change in alloy analysis. The latest version of the XL5 instrument goes beyond bulk analysis to analysing finer surface coatings in its new Coatings Mode. It can measure up to four coating layers on substrates made of pure element, alloy, compound, non-metal or plastic.

    The Niton XL5 analyser matches or even beats other larger laboratory equipment in terms of accuracy, speed and in the range of materials measured. The XL5 also has the huge advantage of versatility. It is light and hand-held, yet rugged, and well suited to analysing larger or irregularly-shaped samples in awkward positions. Engineers, researchers, recyclers and dealers can use the instrument camera to record images of both the whole item and the 8mm or 3mm spot area of analysis.

    If you have a component or material whose composition you need to pin down, Niton UK has the solution for you in the XL5 hand-held XRF analyser.