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JR Technology

JR Technology


SG86QE Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

JR TECHNOLOGY offer equipment and expertise for inspection, manufacture and repair of composite components.
Products include: hotbonding controllers, temperature measurement / data-logging instruments, flexible heater mats, infra-red lamps and RTM equipment.
NDT products offered: Woodpecker tap tester, DolphiCam array camera, leak detector, vacuum drop tester and moisture meters.


Product news

  • Development of New Flexible Rubber Heater Mat

    JR TECHNOLOGY have recently developed a new heater mat offering more flexibility, better longevity and superior temperature distribution to previous designs. Called the JRTH-KN-P material we are already supplying it to a number of flagship blue-chip companies as their prime heating blanket. Prices are competitive and can be offered to include the fitting of power input plugs. Shrouding of the power cable is standard, conforming to the latest standards.