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CV49HN Coventry
United Kingdom

Established since 1965, we're the UK leading experts in designing and developing machinery and consumables for mass finishing applications.

We cater to a range of industries including Aerospace, Medical, General Engineering, Hospitality, Automotive and Additive Manufacturing.

Our products include:
• Vibratory Machines
• High Energy Machines
• Fully Automated Systems
• Waste Water Treatment
• Ceramic & Plastic Media
• Liquid compounds
• Powders & Pastes

Using our quality products, we can achieve a range of finishing applications which include deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, smoothening, radiusing, brightening, polishing, drying and corrosion protection. We also offer a complete range of subcontract services which consists of barrelling, shot blasting & peening, precision polishing and inspection. The facility houses state of the art equipment. On top of that, we provide on-going support through an expert after-sales service, which helps to guide our customers through every step of their ActOn journey.

We are regularly audited by clients and independent certification bodies and have successfully demonstrated on going compliance with the following client and ISO quality and Environmental standards.

• ISO 9001
• AS 9100 Rev C
• ISO 14001
• Rolls Royce approved supplier for RPS 251, RPS 709, Precision polishing


Product news

  • ActOn Abrasive Consumables: Everything You Need to Know

    ActOn offers a wide range of Abrasive Consumables for shot blasting and peening processes. Selecting the right blasting media is essential and depends upon the condition of the material before blasting and the finish required after blasting. To achieve the required finish, it is important to consider the blasting media type, shape, size, density, and hardness.

    ActOn abrasive consumables are widely used in different industries such as defence, aerospace, automotive, general engineering, construction, rail and many more. Blasting media can be used to process both metals and softer materials such as plastics and wood.

    ActOn Abrasive Consumables range includes:

    - Aluminium Oxide
    - Glass Beads
    - Metallic Blasting Media (including Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Chilled Iron Grit, Cut Wire Shot)
    - Plastic Blast Media
    - Silicon Carbides
    - Walnut Shell
    - Brown, Pink & White Alumina
    - Ceramic Beads

    Our specialist with decades of experience in this field are always available to help you choose the right Abrasive Consumables for your process requirement.


  • Fast and Reliable - ActOn Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine is Here

    We are proud to announce the launch of ActOn Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine, designed to be fast, reliable and easy to operate.

    The Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine is perfect for processing small and thin components as well as larger parts with a length of 150mm. These machines are recommended for processing small to medium batches of parts. One of the main advantages of Centrifugal Disc machines is the reduced processing times for most applications.

    How it works?

    The spinning motion of the Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine is given by the disc situated at the bottom of an open barrel. The rotating disc makes the media, compound and parts to move in a rolling motion, resulting in effective finishing process in the shortest time. To achieve the desired finishing results it is important to set up the machine RPM, the compound and water mix flow and to use the correct media.

    Key Benefits:

    - Efficient in operation.
    - Faster than vibratory finishing machines.
    - Operator friendly controls.
    - Low maintenance.
    - Manual/ auto functionality.
    - Good value for money as it implies a reduced capital investment.
    - DTB series for heavy duty applications such as steel ball burnishing.

    Finishing Applications:

    - Deburring
    - Degreasing and Oil Removal
    - Cleaning
    - Descaling
    - Radiusing
    - Smoothing
    - Polishing
    - ActoGrind