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Since formation in 1996 by Process Improvement veterans, BusinessPort has accumulated considerable expertise in delivering Business Management Systems to a wide range of organisations from SME’s to global across many industry sectors.

Our approach creates alignment from the high level mission and vision statements, policies to the processes, procedures and supporting information; providing the strategy to task management view required assuring business efficiency, effectiveness and compliance. Importantly, we provide all levels of the workforce with clear, unambiguous guidelines and instructions on behaviours and work routines.

Our Workflow functionality provides QHSE modules together with the ability to Automate Process in any discipline and distribute across the organisation.

There are numerous benefits through the adoption of a process-centric approach to Management System development, such as:

• Increased understanding of work methods across all departments and disciplines
• Knowledge sharing across departments through adopting ‘lean’ principles
• Compliance to Nuclear industry standards
• Reduced documents (and therefore reduced costs) due to harmonising processes
• Removal of inherited redundant / duplicated documents

Our methodology in developing Management Systems is efficient, effective, and reflects the methods of work within our client organisations. The Agility system drives performance through `best practise` process and ensure compliance with current ISO and industry standards, such as:

• ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management
• ISO 14001: 2015 Environment
• OHSAS 18001: 2008 Health and Safety (to be ISO 45001 in 2017)
• Industry specific Nuclear Engineering Standards

Our objective has always been to simplify what can be seen as complex and provide the highest level of organisational and operational transparency. Importantly, the management system ensures that all levels of the workforce are aware of their roles and responsibilities as well as the knowledge of safe, efficient working practices. We are proud of our track record in projects that are delivered on time and on budget.

The Agility System has been successfully deployed in industries that are heavily legislated and safety critical such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Energy, Defence, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering and Transport to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide ranging from large corporates to SME’s.

Product news

  • BusinessPort secure new contracts in Nuclear and Manufacturing Sectors

    BusinessPort are pleased to announce a number of key contract wins and substantial interest being shown towards the Agility System, particularly from the Nuclear and Manufacturing sectors.

    Our clients recognise that transforming from their traditional document approach to a process based management system increases visibility of individual responsibilities, risks within process and compliance requirements.

    The combination of Compliance with Process Performance is the most cost-effective way to maintain regulations and standards while optimising processes to increase productivity.

    Our contact wins include:
    •NIS, based in Chorley, Lancashire, who were founded in 1983 to provide bespoke engineering and fabrication services for a range of demanding markets
    •TSP, based in Workington (formally Tata Steel), delivering high quality, innovative bespoke project management, design, manufacture, refurbishment and in-house testing facilities
    •Hayward Tyler, based in Luton, who were established in 1815 to provide design, manufacture and service performance-critical motors and pumps
    •Stainless Metalcraft, based in Chatteris, responsible for the design, manufacture, inspection and test precision of components, pressure / cryogenic vessels, stainless steel and aluminium alloys for safety critical applications covering a wide range of industry verticals

    These companies are all operating in the Nuclear Sector, using Agility with greater confidence to comply with the regulatory demands of ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, soon to be issued ISO 19443 and Codes of Practise.

    We are also pleased to announce that BusinessPort now have an office in Oxford St, Manchester. While we all recognise that business over the web is the new norm, having a presence in the vibrant and dynamic city of Manchester is a pleasure!

    While we can demonstrate the system over a web demo, we are also happy to resurrect that antiquated face to face meeting.

    For more information, please contact us:

    http://www.businessport.net/contact/ or e-mail insight@businessport.net

    We look forward to hearing from you.