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Alrad Instruments Ltd

Alrad Instruments Ltd


RG142NS Newbury Berkshire
United Kingdom

ALRAD Instruments have been a distributor for Z-laser GmbH for many years. Many 2D and 3D laser projectors as well as alignment lasers for product placement and enhanced production have been provided.

2D and 3D laser projectors are used in all manufacturing processes where fibre composite materials are processed, for example in the shipbuilding and automotive, aviation and aerospace, model or rotor blades for wind turbines and helicopter. These are all applications where the exact number of laying patterns with the laser projector brings great benefits to the production process and improves product quality. In the automotive industry, laser projectors are used for positioning of construction elements such as anchors, bracings and electronic wiring. Therefore the employee is visually guided through the production process and the period of vocational adjustment is clearly reduced. Usually it takes many repetitions for the worker to remember the position of wires/plugs/clip positions.
Every day new applications for 2D and 3D laser projection appear. You may have an application where Laser projection would save time, material and provide increased efficiency in your manufacturing. The specialists at Alrad Instruments in 2D and 3D laser applications may have the solution you are looking for.

The other division of ALRAD Instruments, ALRAD IMAGING is one of Great Britain's foremost vision distributors for Machine Vision, industrial inspection, Scientific, Research and Microscopy applications. We also sell a very wide range of cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, lighting products and a whole range of accessories.