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S91XU Sheffield
United Kingdom

WNT (UK)’s focus on quality products and technical support has seen it become a major force in the UK cutting tool market. Developments such as the high performance coating technology on its Dragonskin range of inserts are reducing manufacturing costs for its customers through improved tool life and productivity.

Product news

  • BT-FC adapters with face contact

    Operating principle of the BT-FC adapter
    The spindle system with face contact is becoming increasingly common in machining centres and many machine manufacturers have
    adopted this system due to its outstanding performance. BT-FC is a double-contact system, which establishes contact with the flange in
    addition to the taper contact, thereby generating an additional face contact. The great advantages of this system are higher process
    security and a longer service life.


  • Solid carbide milling – always the right choice

    Shorter machining times and longer service lives
    Trochoidal milling is a milling strategy that uses new CAM programming systems and control cycles to achieve consistent tool engagement
    and a consistent average chip thickness. As a result, optimum and effective machining processes are guaranteed.
    The CircularLine CCR-UNI is now available for universal, trochoidal milling as a 4xD end mill and a 3xD end mill with a shorter chip breaker,
    ensuring even better chip evacuation.


  • WTX-Ti - high-performance drill

    Machining difficult-to-cut, tough or heat-resistant materials efficiently and reliably demands a tool that offers maximum performance. The
    WTX – Ti high-performance drill from WNT has been specially designed for this application range and satisfies these requirements to
    the highest degree. Thanks to its optimised geometry and surface coating, not only does it meet the most difficult challenges, but it also
    overcomes them with remarkable productivity.