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KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Europe Ltd

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Europe Ltd


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United Kingdom

Your Total Process Innovation Partner!

At Kyocera SGS we provide ‘Total Process Innovation’. This requires a team of experienced and capable engineers to look at the whole process, often from ‘outside the box’. Optimisation comes from detailed analysis of every element required, including the machine tool, fixture, tool holder and, of course, the cutting tool. The goals are to reduce time, both the set up and the machining cycle times, and improve quality and process reliability by making the whole sequence robust.
Total Process Innovation is usually driven by the customers’ requirements to meet difficult project challenges. These may be based on the materials being machined; tolerance, geometric form and surface finish required; cost savings as the result of process efficiency gains, or often a combination of all these factors. To achieve this Kyocera SGS forms a full ‘turnkey partnership’ with the customer.

Other services:

Bespoke Tooling
This is where process or customer-specific modifications are applied to standard cutting tools.
The changes could be as simple as a non-standard radius or chamfer preference size chosen by the customer. As you might expect the benefits and gains are important, but somewhat small as they often are at the first stage in any progressive improvement plan.

Special Tooling
Generally, this is where cutting tools are produced specifically to suit the customers’ application requirements.
Advanced tool design and manufacturing processes are used to support the combination of cutting tool operations. For example, the individual tools and CNC operations required to drill, counter bore and finish ream a feature can be consolidated into a single tool.
This reduces the number of tool pockets needed in the machine’s carousel, and also keeps the non-cutting time to a minimum as the spindle stays in contact with the workpiece.
Efficiency gains are significant at the stage, typically above 80 per cent for the consolidated operations.

Tool Remanufacture and Coatings:
Our in-house remanufacture service guarantees that our tools perform almost as good as new (considering wear and damage), assuring that all geometries and features remain unchanged.
Additionally, we count with our own dedicated coating facilities where we produce a range of high performance PVD (Physical vapor deposition) coatings, aimed at increasing performance in demanding applications throughout industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Motor Sport and others.