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G2 Innovation

G2 Innovation


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At G2 we support innovative companies, helping you improve the financial performance of your development through better product design, electronics engineering, technology development, and prototyping.

We assist with funding eligible development work through our award-winning R&D tax relief and Patent Box services. 

Ideas & Innovation 

If you are struggling to generate the next idea or to develop your ideas practically we can help you access the tools you need to identify and nurture the ideas with the most potential for your business.

Industrial Design

When you’re coming up against a brick wall with your internal capability or struggling to be understood by your external agency we have the capability and experience to improve your design process.

Technical Solutions 

Our designers are experienced in solving unique problems. Working across platforms and disciplines means we can often draw on insight from other industries to provide innovative solutions.


We have additive and reductive in-house facilities for quick turnaround and work with trusted partners to enhance our internal capacity where necessary.

R&D Tax Relief and Patent Box

Unlike many other types of funding which can be expensive and time consuming to access with no guarantee of success, R&D tax relief can be claimed on any development costs which meet the criteria defined by HMRC. 

Patent Box enables companies to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned from products where they hold patents.

Our experts can help identify the areas of your activity which are eligible for either of these tax reliefs and manage the entire process to ensure the optimum result for your business.