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Diametric Technical Limited


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Diametric Technical Ltd, is a corporate branding specialist with over 35 years’ experience of providing innovative product badging solutions. We’re based near Southampton and have our own UK manufacturing facilities. We design and produce a comprehensive range of commercial label, nameplate and fascia products for a wide variety of industries.

Product news

  • Diametric working with Pentaxia

    It’s not often you’d get to have a piece of advanced engineering on your desk but that’s what’s on offer with Diametric’s brand new coaster.

    Made from real carbon fibre it’s given Diametric the opportunity to highlight the cutting edge techniques and materials. The front of the coaster is a calendar and takes detail to the next level. Each letter and number is electroformed that has been carefully placed on the coaster, which only measures 100 x 100mm.

    For the finish, Diametric worked with Pentaxia, a world-class provider of tooling and composite manufacturing solutions. They were chosen as the partner for this project because of their ability to provide a precision expertise and a high quality end experience for customers. They applied a specific resin to the coaster, which not only helped seal the metal letters but gave a high gloss finish – creating that lasting, luxury feel.

    The finished product was not only robust but also light, with baize backing that stops the coaster from scratching any surfaces. The backing also features a bold print of the Diametric logo – a striking reminder of what can be done by a forward-thinking business.

    “We always want to push the boundaries,” said Managing Director, Graham Steele. “ For us the coaster represents the synergy we can create for any customer. The combination of carbon fibre and electroformed letters can work as a simple marketing tool or an iconic badge that defines a brand. When we send out the coaster we hope it not only shows the quality of our work, but also how we mix intricacy and innovation.”

    For more information on Diametric’s cutting edge work, techniques and materials please contact the sales team on 01489 899555.

    Diametric working with Pentaxia