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Crane Electronics Ltd

Crane Electronics Ltd


LE103EY Hinckley
United Kingdom

Established in 1971, Crane Electronics has been delivering solutions for torque management and control problems for over 40 years.

After starting out as a small UK based company, Crane has grown into a truly global company, with distributors based on every continent of the world. Crane’s head office, Crane Electronics Ltd. is based in the UK, with its sister company, Crane Electronics Inc. in the USA. Both locations have their own accredited service and calibration centre and provides technical advice, high quality support and a dedicated service to our customers and distributors.

Our knowledge and expertise satisfies the needs of manufacturing industry for improved quality, safety, complete traceability and increased productivity.

The enthusiasm and dedication of our employees enable Crane to provide flexible solutions and a unique and individual service to our customers.

With Crane’s product range covering wrenches, transducers, data collectors, torque testers and system software, we meet the requirements before, during and after the assembly operation. This enables tool capability assessment, process capability assessment and control, and process verification.

Whatever your torque measurement and torque management requirements, you can count on Crane, the force in torque management


Product news

  • The new IQVu plus is now available from Crane Electronics

    The new and improved IQVu plus Torque Data Collector is now available from Crane Electronics. The IQVu plus offers an additional external battery pack giving the operator up to 24 hours usage hours before the need for charging. When utilised with an intelligent battery management system the new IQVu plus is ideal for Quality Audit areas of manufacturing and assembly, especially where consecutive shift changes take place. As well as the additional battery, the IQVu plus also has an improved USB port layout offering more efficient operation. Find out more about the IQVu plus at www.crane-electronics.com


  • NEW! The TCI Multi - Lineside Controller

    Crane Electronics Ltd are proud to announce the launch of the TCI Multi – Lineside Controller. The TCI (Tool Control Interface) Multi allows the user to connect up to five Wrenches to be used in assembly production. The WrenchStar Multi can be connected to the TCI Multi at the push of a button.

    The TCI Multi allows easy management, set up and diagnostics of itself via Web Browsers. The TCI Multi can be used stand alone and jobs can be selected and results sent to a PC or Web Page. The TCI Multi accepts Open Protocol commands via Ethernet to select a Job to use with the WrenchStar Multi.

    The TCI Multi has Web Status Page that allows Ethernet properties, RF properties, logging of messages, and Wrench status to be monitored. Web Page mirrors last Torque and Angle reading from Wrench plus its Torque status (LO, OK and HI). LED lights show real time status of the Wrench connection on the unit.

    Connection to Crane Transducers is also possible using the Rfm wireless connection device.