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GU27XY Guildford
United Kingdom

BOC offers an unrivalled supply of high purity gases, gas mixtures and speciality gas equipment to suit a wide range of applications and market sectors including research, analysis, calibration, process control and manufacturing. Our speciality gases can be customised to match your individual requirements.

We hold a wide variety of common gas mixtures and high purity gases in stock around the UK, with 135 cylinder vehicles and 72 retail outlets, which means that BOC can offer unrivalled national coverage.

BOC Speciality Gases can offer you:

An extensive range of speciality gas mixtures and cylinder options.

Certified and traceable gas mixtures.

Expert technical advice on BOC's range of speciality gases.

BOC is also your total gas supplier for:
* Cylinder Gases
* Cryospeed
* Bulk Gases
* Dry ice
* Lab safety equipment