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CCP Gransden Advanced Composites

CCP Gransden Advanced Composites


BT236JE Newtownards, Co. Down
United Kingdom

CCP Gransden are a flexible and dynamic SME specialising in the design, development and manufacture of advanced composites and thermoplastics across multiple sectors.

CCP have a 124 year track record of continuous improvement and continuous innovation and can work in partnership with you on developmental projects as well as high volume high value manufacturing projects.

CCP can manufacture Advanced composites of varying sizes, shapes, complexities and quantities to AS:9100 standards via potentially the largest selection of in house composite manufacturing processes across the U.K.
Our current manufacturing processes include:

> High Pressure RTM
> Advanced Thermoforming, utilising high performance thermoplastic polymers and woven fibre reinforcement
> Composite overmoulding utilising a wide range of advanced polymers
> Compression moulding, utilising advanced SMC & BMC materials
> Multi Axis Filament Winding
> RTM & Vacuum Infusion
> Out of autoclave prepreg processes

Have you ever wondered if your products could be lighter, stronger, more fuel efficient or have less parts? Why not get in touch with CCP and let's explore the potential together.