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Hepworth Group

Hepworth Group


B98 9HL Redditch
United Kingdom

Custom-made Fabrications

Hepworth’s Fabrications division manufactures everything from heavy duty brackets, space frames, enclosures and control box housings, to precision engineered, mirror polished super yacht deck fittings. With our comprehensive in-house facilities we can manufacture in a wide range of metals and forms.

We are 1st tier suppliers to the Rail industry with accreditations that include IRIS, ISO-9001 and EN15085.

RIM Moulding

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) is a process where a fast reacting PU (polyurethane) resin is injected into a mould at low pressure.

Our Moulding Division specialises in reaction injection moulding (RIM), working to the highest levels in component moulding and finishing, through to supplying fully assembled units. Our finishing department gives fine attention to detail, ensuring that every product is completed to the highest possible quality standard