Innovation and Technology Theatre



Come and discover the best innovations of the year and see where the future lies.

Forming part of the ADF&PCD visitor experience and presented by some of the most innovative suppliers, the Innovation & Technology Theatre (ITT) is an interactive conference area open to all visitors, at the heart of the exhibition. It features the latest innovations and new products, or most recent launches, in 20-minute time slots, and networking, on both days of the show.

Join suppliers and key players, from all over the world, in discovering the innovative applications and technology open to the cosmetic packaging and aerosol and dispensing communities.  

The Innovation & Technology Theatre will demonstrate a large product range, from 3D printing, to NFC technology, eco-friendly packaging, customized packaging, Haute Couture industrial painting and much more.

Explore your potential by discovering these applications and technology and seeing how you can take your company to the next level.

Day one - Wednesday, January 31st

Jan DeRoeck

10:30 - Packaging management and 3D virtual mockups: simple and efficient

Jan De Roeck, Esko

Global Personal Care brands are continuously seeking ways to remain relevant for the consumer that wants to feel and look good. As a consequence, also packaging for personal care products needs to feel good and look good.  To ensure accurate and timely response to market demands with frequently changing luxury packaging is a management challenge for global personal care brands. How do you make sure all the supply chain partners understand all requirements? How to facilitate collaboration between manufacturers, designers and brand managers? How can you visualize the packaging concept as accurately as possible as early as possible without spending a ton of money at expensive mock-ups? In this presentation, Jan De Roeck, Marketing Director at Esko, explores the benefits of an online collaboration platform that understands packaging and packaging embellishment, a platform that can bring together all supply chain partners around a hyper-realistic virtual 3D mock-up, and a vision of the future for the packaging supply chain.

Brad Barron

11:00 - APS’ Minimist: an introduction to a breakthrough non-aerosol, propellant-free spray dispensing system

Brad Barron, Alternative Packaging Solutions

Alternative Packaging Solutions brings you the Minimist spray dispensing system. Minimist is a breakthrough propellent-free dispensing system that delivers a high quality, continuous, mist-like spray. Minimist is user-friendly: spraying in any orientation, is environmentally friendly, and has comparable to lower cost than a traditional plastic aerosol (significantly cheaper if used with refills).

Jean-Christophe Martinenq

11:30 - The connected sample serving the consumer – a new communication tool for brands

Jean-Christophe Martinenq, Martinenq Imprimeurs

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, MyPack

Alain Dancoisne

12:00 - NFC technology and packaging: the next marketing milestone

Alain Dancoisne, CM Smart Connect

Discover all the potential that NCF technology has for brands to design new marketing strategies to capture customers' attention, seduce them, win them over and build loyalty. Offer consumers a new relational experience, provide them with more adapted content and collect useful data to define new insights. An all-in-one service with an integrated multi-project management platform.

CM Smart Connect
Federico Montali

12:30 - Prisma - the iridescent coating on glass

Frédéric Montali, Bormioli Luigi

Prisma is an innovative decorative coating on glass aimed at luxury glass packaging for fragrance and cosmetics. The coating is applied via an innovative vapour deposition technology. The technique consists of applying a stack of ultra-thin films of dielectric material through which the light is split into its coloured components: this is the phenomenon of iridescence. Many bright colours appear and change with movement, as on the surface of seashells.

Bormioli Luigi
Daniel Schoels

2:00 - Haute Couture industrial painting

Daniel Schoels, DSColor

"A (r) evolution with Laser beam" METALASER paint is a liquid paint for industrial application on any plastic and other support specially designed to receive a laser treatment and obtain a unique decorative effect.

The innovation of this paint lies in a selective laserization of certain pigments, creating with a single layer of paint a decorative visual effect chart of several shades of colours.

This process, which is not available yet on global industrial markets, will be premiered at the show.

David Peters

2:30 - API Global Trends - Influencing the cosmetics and perfume sector

David Peters, API Group

In today’s competitive market it is essential that cosmetic and perfume brands create their own identity that is relevant to their customers. Packaging, including the experience it delivers, is a fundamental part of this process.

API is a leading provider of premium packaging solutions, helping perfume and cosmetic brands around the world with exceptional foil, laminate, and holographic solutions that boost their products’ shelf-appeal.

David Peters, Creative Development Manager, has over 20 years’ experience in the design and packaging industry. David will take inspiration from the latest packaging trends and product innovations and explore the following themes:

  • Premium packaging development for success
  • Maximising shelf-impact and brand essence
  • Elevating your brand image through premium effects & finishes from API
  • Trends & innovation 2018/19 from API – empowering your brands

Visitors will receive an insight into the creativity and inspiring designs within the luxury packaging sector, taking away with them a better understanding of how packaging can empower their brands. 

Cyril Drouet

3:00 - Innovative Skincare2 box design with eco-conception and sustainable production

Cyril Drouet, Metsä Board

Following the Metsä Board SkinCare packaging conference at the PCD in 2015, this year's edition will introduce a new luxury outer box made with high quality pulp molding process, containing 3 unique paperboard base packaging design. The presentation will also focus on Metsä's new state of the art bio-power plant facility.

Metsa Board
Anne Rutigliano

3:30 - Fast track beauty – Solutions for always-on lifestyles

Anne Rutigliano, Albéa

Our market is changing quickly with four mega-trends. Innovation is accelerating. Market competition is fiercer, with heritage and indie brands competing for consumers’ attention. Volatility is higher. Digitalization is disrupting beauty’s business and marketing models. As a result, the name of the game is now time-to-market. That’s why beauty packaging actors need to deliver fast-to-market packaging and solutions – thanks to more agile processes, technology and mindset.

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet

4:00 - Luxury, beauty and sustainability: boosting the desirability of eco-friendly packaging

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, Verescence

Samuel Joachim

Samuel Joachim, Verescence


4:45 - 5:30


5:30 - 6:30


Day two - Thursday, February 1st

Clara Hardy

10:30 - Sericyne, the fiber of dreams

Clara Hardy, Sericyne

Sericyne proposes a new material, born of nature. Our house has a unique know-how in the world. With our patented technique, silkworms do not produce cocoons but directly various forms.

Silkworms are delicately placed on moulds where they deposit their silk. The material produced, once recovered, is an exceptionally strong and sparkling non-woven fabric. Since 2015, Sericyne has been passionately creating collections that inspire designers from around the world, including luxury packaging.

Our Sericyne silk turns any box into a communication product with a unique design. We co-develop tailor-made products by respecting the DNA of each brand.

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi

11:00 - Visual recognition for the internet of packaging

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, MyPack

MyPack is a packaging scanner using a visual recognition algorithm. It lets customers instantly access several relevant information about products through a mobile scan of the packaging (allergens, health warnings, recycling instructions, etc.).

MyPack aims to facilitate information understanding, in contrast with physical packaging constraints, and is available in popular apps, such as Facebook Messenger.

Timothée Boitouzet

11:30 - Visual recognition for the internet of packaging

Timothée Boitouzet, Woodoo

Woodoo is a pioneer Cleantech startup specialized in a molecularly-enhanced wood material: translucent, weatherproof, stronger and fire-resistant. The patented technology offers to leverage low-grade wood such as poplar, aspen, beech, into a new range of advanced material. At a time of environmental strain and ressource shortage, Woodoo is aiming to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Thomas Othax

12:00 - The first smart app for the development, purchase and sale of customized packaging

Thomas Othax, Packitoo

Packitoo is a smart process application that increases brands and manufacturers' productivity in the customized packaging development process. It is a 4-in-1 webtool designed for brands who want to get inspired by manufacturers’ innovations, collaborate with colleagues, designers and manufacturers in one place, source and discover the right manufacturers for each project, order and follow up with a few clicks.

Packitoo is the web business developer for manufacturers, that can showcase their bestsellers and most innovative products, receive offers that fit their manufacturing capability, when they need them and control their business development.

Erik De Volder

2:00 - iC3D - How digital 3D models can facilitate the ideation, transcreation, production and marketing of luxury packaging

Erik De Volder, Systems Service & Consult

Luxury brands are looking to packaging experts to develop new and innovating ideas, and shortening time from idea to market is crucial. 3D modelling for packaging radically improves time to market, and facilitates global teams to work together on packaging development. iC3D has the ideal toolkit to build 3D models fast, with high standards, and answers to all the specific needs of the luxury markets.

David Bak

2:30 - PUF, the new innovative secure element for the packaging industry

David Bak, ICTK