ADF conference programme


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Day one - Wednesday, January 31st

09:30 - 12:00

Global market trends and regulation

Alain D'Haese

09:30 - Legislative threats and opportunities

Alain D'Haese, FEA - European Aerosol Federation

Laurence Joly

10:00 - President

Laurence Joly, L'Oreal



Dimitrios Soutzoukis

10.15 - Metal aerosols: the winner for Circular Economy

Dimitrios Soutzoukis, Metal Packaging Europe

Metal Packaging Europe’s presentation will underline the importance placed by consumers for clear, unambiguous facts on packaging materials recycling performance. In a wide ranging presentation, ‘Metal aerosols in a Circular Economy’, Technical and Sustainability Officer Dimitrios Soutzoukis will highlight the sustainability credentials of metal aerosols and explain how consumers are key in the recycling process for packaging solutions that are ‘designed to be recycled’. The joint presentation with Jose Oliveira, Divisional Industrial Director for Colep, and Federico Fusari, General Director of RICREA - the Italian Steel Recycling Consortium, will also cover innovations on metal aerosols achieving a lower carbon footprint and the advantages of metal aerosols at the end-of-lif

Patrick Heskins

10:45 - Brexit and its consequences for the aerosol industry

Patrick Heskins, BAMA



Nicolas George


Nicolas Georges, Plastic Aerosol Research Group LLC (PARG)

Steve Caldeira

11:15 - U.S. and global legislative & regulatory issues affecting the aerosol industry

Steve Caldeira, Household & Commercial Products Association

11:45 - How to encourage young people to want to have a career in the aerosol industry?

Ghania Degobert, Universite de Lyon

1:45 - 3:30

Aerosol technologies production: technical advances and innovations

Nathalie Thys

1:45 - President

Nathalie Thys, GSK

Jean Blottiere

1:45 - President

]ean Blottière, CFA Vice-President

Jason Galley

2:15 - Innovative aerosol applications

Jason Galley, Manufacturing Director, Ball Aerocan

Tom Hunter

2:15 - Multi propellant leak detection

Tom Hunter, Emerson

Ralph Freiberger

2:30 - Latest technologies for an inline final inspection of aerosol cans

Ralf Freiberger, Mühlbauer Group

Ofer Nir

2:45 - Unleashing the power of digital decoration for mass production

Ofer Nir, Velox Digital

Anne Mechteld Mosman

3:00 - Fine mist with high flow rate and viscous formulations: impinging jet micro nozzles  

Anne Mechteld Mosman, Medspray

3:15 - Counterfeiting and how to prevent it from a packaging perspective

Eduardo Alegria, Sun Chemical

3:30 - 4:30

Eco-design and sustainable development: challenges and prospects

Peter Lamboy

3:30 - President

Peter Lamboy, Kao Europe


Johannes Burghaus

3:30 - President

Peter Lamboy / Johannes Burghaus / Virginia Janssens, Kao Europe / Procter & Gamble / EUROPEN


Virginia Jansses

3:30 - President

Peter Lamboy / Johannes Burghaus / Virginia Janssens, Kao Europe / Procter & Gamble / EUROPEN


Laurent Bastida

3:45 - Development of an inerting device for aerosols in selective collection centres

Laurent Bastida, CITEO - ex-Eco-Emballages

Mostafa Aboulfaraj

4:00 - Recycling aerosols and aluminum packaging

Mostafa Aboulfaraj, France Aluminium Recyclage


Quentin Benito

4:15 - Sustainable steel solution for aerosol mounting cups

Quentin Benito, ArcelorMittal


4:45 - 5:30


5:30 - 6:30


Day two - Thursday, February 1st

10:00 - 11:45

Aerosol & Dispensing technologies: state of the art

Bernhard Fetlen

10:00 - President

Bernhard Felten, Beiersdorf AG


Valérie Pasmanian

10:15 - P'tit Sniff, an innovation to smell perfumes

Valérie Pasmanian, Le P'tit Sniff


Sandra Esteves

10:30 - New propellants - green alkane gases

Sandra Esteves, South Wales University


Gerhard Passenegg

10:45 - Latest paints and UV-curing technologies for coating and protecting the externals of aerosol cans

Gerhard Passenegg, Schekolin/Salchi


Heinrich Heppenheimer

11:00 - From paper to plastic – How Rapid Tooling influences development time

Heinrich Heppenheimer, Mould2Part


Cecilia Martins

11:15 - Foam performance in aerosol applications

Cecilia Martins, Colep


To be confirmed

11:30 - How to make actuator customization available at low investment and short time?

Damiano Marsilli, Coster


2:00 - 3:30

Inspiration from metal cans: a focus on drinks

Olivier Draullette

2:00 - President

Olivier Draullette, SNFBM


Arnaud Rolland

2:15 - Circular economy of metal boxes: from vision to multi-player action

Arnaud Rolland, Coca-Cola European Partners France


Alexis Van Maercke

2:30 - Steel for packaging, model for a circular economy

Alexis Van Maercke, The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging


Sandrine Duquerroy-Delesalle


Sandrine Duquerroy-Delesalle, Crown


Alexander Hinterkopf

3:00 - 2017: the breakthrough year of digital printing for round hollow bodies

Alexander Hinterkopf, Hinterkopf GmbH


Cecile Piquemal

3:15 - The ultimate steel beverage can

Cécile Piquemal, ArcelorMittal


Alexander Hinterkopf


Sylvain Jungfer, BCME La boîte Boisson